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I write a psychological crime series set in the cathedral city of St Albans. Here, DCI Maarten Jansen struggles against his plain-speaking Dutch upbringing when faced with the seemingly polite world of the picturesque city. You do not need to read these in order.


Under the IceThe Scorched Earth and Into The Fire are out now, in paperback, e-book and audible, from all bookshops or online, and The Fall is out April 14th, 2022.

I'm constantly surprised how differently stories turn out on paper than in their original planning. Fiction has a life of its own. 

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Under the Ice is set in the twelve days in the lead up to Christmas; the first novel follows and young mother, who is struggling to work out why she seems in the grip of a breakdown or a supernatural force. The Scorched Earth follows Ana, who finds herself looking over her shoulder, unsure of who is lurking there, when a body is found buried in an unmarked grave in her village. The past refuses to stay hidden. Into The Fire is a country house setting, where a company gather to celebrate a high profile deal completion. But when a helicopter crashes on take -off, and someone dies, everything begins to unravel.  The Fall begins when a man falls from the tower of St Albans cathedral in the dead of night.  It's a novel about how our past shapes our lives.  All the novels are standalones with the same detective. There is no need to  read these in order.


Praise for Under the Ice

Daily Mail

'Supremely atmospheric and suspenseful, this debut from a former English teacher announces the arrival of a special talent. It is that good'


Praise for The Scorched Earth

'Supremely atmospheric'


Under The Ice

It is the week before Christmas and the cathedral city of St Albans is blanketed by snow. But beneath the festive lights, darkness is stirring. The frozen body of a young girl is discovered by the ice-covered lake.
The police scramble for clues. A local woman, Jenny, has had visions of what happened the night of the murder. But Jenny is an exhausted new mother, whose midnight wanderings pull her ever closer to the lake. Can Jenny be trusted? What does she really know? 
Then another girl goes missing, and the community unravels. Neighbour turns against neighbour, and Jenny has no idea who to believe. As Christmas Eve approaches, Jenny discovers a secret about her past – and why she could be key to everything... 
'Twisty, atmospheric and haunting ... I devoured this thriller in one tense sitting' Erin Kelly. 
'An outstanding debut, so atmospheric it made me literally shiver' Angela Clarke. 
'A fantastically evocative book that twists you expertly up in the world of its vivid characters, making you feel the unfolding plot blow by blow' Gytha Lodge. 
'Packed with atmosphere, suspense and a cold that chills the heart. Under the Ice announces Rachael Blok as an exciting new voice in crime fiction' Lesley Thomson. 
'A lyrical, haunting thriller that's impossible to put down ... Under the Ice will get under your skin' J.S. Monroe.

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